Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You have to start somewhere...

This is me.
So now that the physical assault on my body known as Thanksgiving and my 29th birthday are over, I decided I wanted to start this blog. I am hoping I take this more seriously than The Life and Times of Todd Bedford (extremely short lived blog), but less seriously than The Chronicles of Kick James, which is the most intensely serious kickball blog known to man.

I'm writing this blog for the following reasons:

  1. There are so many things I always say I want to do and then I do not. For example:
    1. Brewing my own Beer - I've even had the opportunity. My great friend Brian started brewing a while back and even calls me before he does it. I just never make the time. My lovely wife bought me a full brewing kit for my birthday, so I no longer have an excuse.

    2. Get in Shape - This is the tricky one, because I'm not in terrible shape, I just don't feel healthy. Doing stuff feels good and I, extremely selfishly, enjoy feeling good. Jenna, the aforementioned lovely wife, has already helped motivate me as we have entered ourselves into a points based competition. We can each earn points by not eating like crap and by doing simple activities.

    3. Fighting - I am just kidding, this one is silly, but being able to do some crazy Jet Li or Jason Bourne shit would be awesome.

    4. Reading - I read, besides Rolling Stone Magazine where I get most of my news and pop-culture information, I read novels and articles and philosophy, and a shitload of zombie fiction, but I don't do it consistently. I'm streaky. I'll plow through three books in a month, but then it'll take me three months to finish my next book.

      1. Currently Reading: The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor (good so far, if you're not a fan of either the comic series, television series, or the new novel series, I highly recommend them.

    5. Podcasting - This one might be a stretch, but my buddy Brandon, who is much, much cooler and more savvy than I, wanted to start a weekly podcast months ago and I never made the time. Maybe, it's time to make the time.

  2. (I know it's been a while, but this is reason number two why I'm writing the blog) I just enjoy writing. I often question whether I'm good at it or not, but ultimately it doesn't matter and I don't give a shit, because I enjoy doing it. I also think my stories and predicaments are in-line with thousands of other peoples, so maybe some of my ramblings will inspire, motivate, amuse, or enrage one of my inevitably five's of readers.

  3. I like some really cool shit. I watch sweet movies. I read awesome stories and blogs and articles. I do some relatively fun stuff. I listen to fantastic music (even when it's terrible). So I like talking about it
So that's about it to get going. If you read this and you like it, let me know. If you want to know my opinion on anything in particular, I'm also more than happy to share and comment. Even if I don't know much about it.